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Ada mode 5.1.5

In Gnu ELPA.
To install:
  • First enable packages in your ~/.emacs: (package-initialize)
  • Then invoke M-x list-packages, select ada-mode 5.1.5, install.
Source distribution.
Ada mode release notes; user-visible changes
Wisi release notes; API changes
The current Ada mode manual. The distribution contains this and an Emacs info version.
My bindings, settings, and hooks for using Ada mode; provided as an example.
Opentoken 5.0a
OpenToken 5.0a required for processing an edited Ada or gpr grammar file.

Install GNAT GPL 2012 on Debian

Required for experimental gnatinspect.

  1. Download GNAT GPL 2012 (gnat-gpl-2012-i686-gnu-linux-libc2.3-bin.tar.gz) from AdaCore GNAT Libre.
  2. cd ~
  3. tar zxf gnat-gpl-2012-i686-gnu-linux-libc2.3-bin.tar.gz
  4. cd gnat-2012-i686-gnu-linux-libc2.3-bin
  5. ./doinstall

    I recommend installing to /opt/gnat/gpl-2012/.

  6. In ~/.bash_profile or similar, add:
        export LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/

ada-france access

The ada-france monotone repository has up-to-date code.

There are several branches:

Ada mode 5.0.x.
My development branch.
OpenToken extended to produce Elisp source for generalized LALR(1) parser, used by wisi indentation engine.
Emacs DVC, a front end to several distributed control systems, including monotone. See my introduction to monotone with DVC
experimental version, adding higher-level support for git, similar to the monotone support.

You can access ada-france read-only, or read-write. These commands work with mtn 0.48 .. 1.0; you can use the equivalent URL in 1.0:

anonymous (read only) access
mtn --db ~/monotone-dbs/ada-france.db db init
mtn --db ~/monotone-dbs/ada-france.db --key '' pull "org.emacs.*"
read/write access requires a public key
If you are using DVC:
mtn --db ~/monotone-dbs/ada-france.db automate sync --ticker=count "mtn://*" >> ~/.dvc/sync.basic_io

mailing list, bugs

Subscribe to the Emacs ada-mode mailing list archive

Please report bugs both here and to the Emacs bug list. Put Package: emacs, ada-mode as the first line of the bug message.

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